Shutdown/Restart from Login Screen

I recently upgraded one of my systems from openSUSE 13.2 to Leap 42.2. I noticed that on the login screen, the alt-s function (which causes a small shutdown/restart prompt to be issued) is no longer present.

This shutdown/restart prompt was very useful to recover from problems with the mouse. The Leap 42.2 login screen requires the use of a mouse to do a restart.

Can this function be restored?


Yes, use kdm as login screen as you likely did in 13.2, it’s still included.

The default (on a KDE installation) is sddm now, which behaves as you describe.

You can choose the login screen (“display manager”) in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager.

OTOH, this shouldn’t change when doing an upgrade.
I suppose you rather did a new installation? :wink:

PS: You can use the keyboard on sddm’s login screen too.
Press TAB to change the active button, then press Enter/Return or Space to activate/“push” it.

There’s just no Alt+S shortcut like kdm had… (mainly because there’s no such menu either)

BTW am NON-Technical using 42.2 GNOME, often use CTL+ALT+F3] or CTL+ALT+F3] access to terminal then zypper for updates before log in.
Then use CTL+ALT+F7] to return to desktop.

Without mouse with above can shutdown to do power-off or re-start BTW this requires superuser privileges (eg. root).


Yes, you are correct that I did a new installation and not an upgrade.

This is the best solution. My only complaint is that there is no visual indication of the active button. Perhaps that is something that can be added.

Thanks very much.

Thanks. I was unaware of CTL+ALT+F3] and CTL+ALT+F7].