Shutdown and Busy Partitions

I have a new installation of suse 11.1 on an old hp 4125 laptop. The laptop and suse have gotten along well since around the 8.1 days. There is an odd problem with 11.1 that hopefully someone here can fix. Partitions are often not unmounted during the shutdown process via the kde session manager. My system consists of a large, dedicated partition mounted on home, a small partition for boot files, and a medium sized one that holds the system and acts as root. All three have the reiser format. One or both of the root or home partitions will be tagged as busy on shutdown. The file systems are then checked on the next reboot for errors.

Some things that I have tried or considered to resolve the issue are:

  1. Switch from parallel to serial scripts
  2. Stop preloading of konqueror
  3. Use shutdown with the -n option is deprecated and not recommended anyway.
  4. Use lsof to identify any files claimed by users.

The potential for data loss or a corrupted system are a big concern to me. I’ll be heading back to 10.3 if this persists for too long. Any ideas what is causing this behavior?