Shrew VPN client error

This might be the forum section since shrew vpn client isn’t a part of the openSUSE package repository, but I really need help so here goes.

Is anyone familiar with Linux VPN clients and Juniper SSG 5xx firewalls? I did some research about, and most people seemed to recommend the shrew vpn client (Shrew Soft Inc : Home). I followed the specific HowTo regarding Juniper SSG firewalls on their homepage (with some minor adjustment to match our VPN configuration of course), and I was able to get a tunnel up and running.

I also set the rp_filter to 0 in sysctl.conf and made sure the routings were as expected.

However, the virtual interface (tap0) doesn’t get the correct information. Or to be more correct: it gets the correct information but maps it wrong. The broadcast adress is the same as the ip address, and the netmask is the broadcast address.

Example (tap0):

IPv4 address:

Anyone got any ideas?

I can’t help you with your question but i’m very interested in how you installed shrew on your machine. I can’t get it to compile.

Can you tell what additional packages you’ve installed or a URL to an installation guide?

Thanks in advance.