Should openSUSE have better defaults?

There is a reason why Firefox is the default browser and not the default browser from KDE.
Therefore, should the same reason be applied to other applications like the default e-mail client, bittorrent program, etc.?
Here is my list. What do you think? What other defaults should be implemented?

1.Thunderbird instead of Kmail
2. qBittorrent instead of ktorrent
3. Flatpaks enabled by default
4. No KDE games by default. Nobody plays them. I always have to unselect them when in the opensuse installer.
5. optionally install Microsoft core fonts (EULA should be presented to the user upon installing opensuse).
6. Since SUSE decides not to ship VAAPI in the opensuse ISO, should the license agreement the shown to the user to agree/disagree and download the codecs instead?

Many of these are your personal taste. I doubt you have any prove for e.g. “Nobody plays them”.

It’s all about personal taste actually. Why do you think Firefox is the default and not Falkon or Konqueror - because the majority of the users would prefer Firefox. Change it to something else and you’ll get a reaction from the community.

And what do you want to say with this? When you think the majority wants FF and they get FF, why then do you want to change that? Sorry, do not get you.

Having FF as default is great - Good decision by the opensuse team. Do you also remember a few years ago when installing opensuse requires that you know how to login as root and know how to startx? Why do you think that was changed? Because it’s better to change it.

In fact the only default I really find a very bad one is the one that, at installation, makes the password of root the same as the password for the first user you are required to create.

You should also state your opinion on what needs to change. Linux mint is successful because it has very sane defaults out of the box.

I would not. Not even when you order me to do so. Linux is about choice and I choose to install (or prevent from install) what I choose. And that depends very much on the ICT environment I am running, which is most probably different from any other. So I am not going to tell others what they should like to have.

At the most I will inform about the choice I made for an individual case so they can weight that off against their own case.

You lost me at “should.” Finger wagging is never useful in any walk of life.

That’s the wrong way of looking at it because nobody is being forced, if you carefully think about it.

You can choose on Installation what you want, but if I install Plasma, I would prefer packages from KDE…

Kontact and Kmail etc. are running here without problems…

You might need to rethink what you said. You should also keep in mind that nobody is forced you to do something. That’s the very nature of any discourse - “opinions”.

I like KDE but the majority of users would prefer a superior one like Thunderbird. However, I think kontact and kmail are fine. They are usable. The kde games though are utter useless waste of disk space. By the way, I’m speaking not based only on personal preference but on what the majority most likely prefers.

Why not, upon installation, ask the user?

Default desktop?

Default browser?

Default mail client?


It gives the user choice and control, which is what Linux/Unix is all about. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a screen, or series of screens to accomplish this.

openSUSE uses sensible vendor defaults. Folks administering their machines can override these by readily making their own choice.

BTW: Re-enable VA-API hardware video acceleration on openSUSE Tumbleweed - DEV Community

I would prefer that, personally. But it might be difficult for a new user who is unfamiliar with the different choices.

That’s why there should be set defaults. The user can change it in the installation process anyway. What’s wrong with these people?

Well it’s you as well, there is nothing stopping you from a) making changes to the installer to provide those options and b) change the patterns for your desired defaults and submitting/maintaining etc. The openSUSE distribution is a do-ocrity, those that do decide, plain and simple.

You can also spin up your own image via Studio Express (SUSE Studio Express) with your own defaults etc…

The decisions made with respect to default applications are made by the openSUSE Members, in collaboration with SUSE staff members.

  • Yes, some openSUSE Members take part in these Forums discussions but, these Forums are not, AFAICS, the main focus of that decision making process.

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Which raises a point –

  • Is there an (informal
    ) effort to take some of this Forum’s discussions as input for the decisions made with respect to the openSUSE distribution’s default configuration?

openSUSE uses the most customisable installer (and in my opinion the best) that i’ve ever used. Customising what is and isn’t installed is so easy but flexible too. Those two things don’t normally go together.

I find OP’s question hard to comprehend with such a good installer.
Despite that, I must admit that I really do hate the KDE PIM suit. The installer makes it very easy to deselect that and choose alternatives though so I don’t see a real problem.

There is no torrent client is installed by default, so this is a strange remark. (I love ktorrent, how dare you! I ain’t no expert though)

Flatpacks enabled by default is something I am strongly against. I love the concept of Flatpacks but I they need their own distro introduction. Fedora Silverblue and openSUSE MicroOS for example. I don’t want to comment too much on this because I don’t know enough about it. I think it may be a step in the right direction but meshing two worlds together like Ubuntu does with their Flatpack equivalent, Snaps, mixed with their previous apt-get, is not the right way to go about moving forward.

I play KDE games… They’re not installed if you choose a different desktop environment other than KDE. That means they’re not default. You get them because of a chosen pattern. With the amazing openSUSE installer that I keep going on about, they are easily deselected.
If we’re going to critically analyse defaults, I say you’re still wrong and they should be included in a KDE install because many users choosing openSUSE choose it for it’s easy to use status meaning the audience is probably migrating from Windows and is used of having a small set of games supplied to them. They may want the KDE games.
People that don’t want the games are probably more critical and therefore problem solving and able to remove the games in the installer.

No I don’t want Microsoft’s fonts installed. Make it optional? Why is this such a big deal?

Not going to comment on your last point because I know nothing about it.