Should be no problem

Alright guys, this one should be no problem for you.
I am very new to linux. I have 11.3 KDE installed. I have been trying for days to figure this out on my own with no success. I have downloaded and installed teamviewer for linux knowing that it is compatible with suse. Had no problem with either part, until I tried to open it for the first time. It gave me an error saying-
“Your X11 server is running with an unsupported colour bit depth. Team Viewer Linux requires 24 bpp to run. Please change the bit depth of your x server to 24 bpp and restart.”
Only problem is I have not found a way to configure the x11 server. It will not even allow me through sudo controls.

If anyone has the answer it would be greatly appreciated. Who knows you might even get a cookie outta it :stuck_out_tongue:

How exactly are You trying to configure x11 server ?

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-=welcome=- do so hope you can get it working…and, you are, of
course, welcome to hang out here and hope someone with some experience
with the software you are having trouble with comes along and can tell
you why it does not run out of the box with 11.3—but, my guess is
they built it some many months ago to be compatible with the openSUSE
(or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop) of that day…

but, things are not so slow moving here as in other places (we have
had several kernel changes in the last six months, any of which make
several things not work)…i suggest you contact the folks you got
that viewer from and ask them exactly which version theirs is smooth
with (i’m not gonna rummage around their site for hours to find
out)…and, if they say ll.3 then ask them why it does not work…

make sense? it not, think of it this way: this is an openSUSE forum
not a teamWhatever forum…it and several thousand other pieces of
software written to be compatible with the openSUSE world of (say) two
years ago may or may not work here now…

in fact, a LOT of software developed for ms-windows and later ported
to other systems is not so great in Linux to begin with…and, by the
way everything they say their software can do (remote control, desktop
sharing, and file transfer) can already be done by free and open

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We will definitely need the brand and model of your video card. You may need to have a third party driver installed. Please get back with the info, we’ll help you through.

And to add to the welcome here (I hope you understand that we try to help you on one side and in the meantime give you a course on how to define problems here), next time please add a title to your thread that tells what your problem is about. A telling title will attract more knowing people then “Shoud be no problem”.