Shortcut on desktop to reboot and shutdown

Is there a way to add icons to the desktop that would let you reboot and shutdown the computer ?

Instead of using leave, etc.


Which dektop?

And when you are at it to give us that basic piece of information, you could also add which version of openSUSE you us.

in KDE there is a Lock/Logout widget you can add to the desktop or taskbar.
This provides reboot and shutdown functionality.

Tried “download Lock Logout widget” for search terms using my search engine.

Could not find it using Add Widgets.

You don’t have to download anything for this, it should already be installed by default.

Try to enter “lock” in the “Add Widgets”'s search field.

Edit the systray properties. Activate the “On/Off” option, and you’ll have an icon to perform these actions.

as wolfi323 said - there is no need to download anything, it is already there.
Just search for lock

SUSE Paste

you can locate it either in the taskbar or on the desktop.