sh: no job control in this shell

Hi guys, im a total opensuse novice. I recently moved our server from one building to the other, and upon rebooting got this error.

/dev/md2: unknown volume type
invalid root filesystem -- exiting to /bin/sh
sh: no job control in this shell

Everything is plugged back in as it was in the old building, except that the internet is not on yet, so the modem is plugged into the firewall but no connection…

Could something have disconnected inside the box during the move? Sorry i’m unsure what version of opensuse it is, im not at work so can’t check at the moment.

If theres a few things i can try, or more info needed… let me know so i can try as much as i can, because no internet access at work at the moment…
Just dont make me format the disk…

Hm, thought I would add that one possibility is that when it was moved, the USB external hard drive may not have been plugged back into the same USB slot that it was in before the move.

I’ve still had no luck fixing this… help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, no response from this forum… but incase someone else has this error… maybe this can steer them in the right direction.

The raid somehow corrupted, and it could not read it. This page i found, pointed me in the right direction to rebuild the array.

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