Setting up Logging to this server from WiFi AP

This may not be appropriate place but here is my problem:-

I have a number of WiFi access points on site, mostly powered by PoE.
One device is mis-behaving by dropping connections and falling back from 1000 to 100 Mb/s.
I am re checking all the physical connections but also thought I would set up logging on the AP system. The AP has the ability to send logs but the device configuration screen only gives a blank IP and port. I assume it is for me to set up a syslog address on the device.
Am I correct and please could I have some advice please, starting with the basics please.

The copper connection to the devices all have management addresses on a device management subnet but this is not the same subnet as that of my server but I think the switch routing is a another problem.

It isn’t completely clear what you are trying to do.

At one time in the past, I used to have my router log to my desktop system. For various reason, I don’t do that anymore.

At the time, I was using “rsyslog” to manage the logging. And I used the file “/etc/rsyslog.d/remote.conf” to configure receiving logs over the network. You can probably install “rsyslog” on Tumbleweed, and then browse through the documentation.