Setting Up Email Accounts For My Domain

Hello, I want to have email accounts for my domain like

I am using 11.1.

How would I create the email account, and then get the settings for a mail client like outlook, evolution, or windows live mail.


Is your domain totally private, one you made up for your LAN? Or is it public and you have registered it with an Internet registrar? Do you have public IP address(es)? Do you want your mail servers to accept mail from the Internet?

Yeah I’ve registered it with an internet registrar. I have 1 ip address, and I want to accept mail from the internet.

Ok, I hope you are willing to accept that heaps of virus riddled Windows PCs will attempt to send you spam and that you will have filters in place.

You need to do these things, just the outline:

  1. Register a MX record for your domain with your registrar. If it’s a dynamic IP, then you need a dynamic address registrar.

  2. Set up postfix and open it to accept mail on all interfaces (YaST > set SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE to yes and restart postfix). Optional: activate amavis for postfix to filter your mail.

  3. Open port 25 incoming and arrange any necessary port forwarding from your firewall/router.

  4. Set up dovecot to deliver email to your mail clients via POP3 or IMAP.

I seem to remember there is a HOWTO for openSUSE at But a HOWTO for other distros will also work if you translate the steps suitably for openSUSE.

In addition to the useful hints from ken_yap I suggest you have a look at WikiHome [CRM114] as soon as spams begin coming in. I use it as my pricipal spam filter in connection with sendmail and procmail, so I can’t go into details how to set up with postfix. Eventually you will combine it with Introduction [j-chkmail] j-chkmail milter which adds greylisting capability (among others). The idea is to stop 95% of the spams before they are eating up your bandwidth.

Both tools have to be compiled from source, but there is good documentation and they work ok with SuSE 11.x

it is a LOT simpler to ‘rent’ a web space, mailhost, etc etc etc …

i forget what mine cost…oh, here…more than i need for less than $6
a month…i’d include their URL but there are THOUSANDS
available…many cost less than mine…

and i don’t have to worry about my house power going out…they run a
great spam filter, all kinds of cool stuff…