Setting static IP

I’m attempting to switch from a DHCP allocated address (on the LAN) to static using SUSE 11.0. Using YAST -> Network Devices -> Network Settings, I’ve allocated / 24, set the Default Gateway and DNS servers, and unticked everything that suggests the use of DHCP, but I’m still getting a dynamic address allocated, even after a reboot.

What am I missing?

I would attach Network Settings screens but it seems my profile doesn’t (yet) allow it.

Go to network settings and click on your network card. Deselect dhcp and then choose edit and then enter a specific address like If you have already set the hostname and router, leave them.

What you want to accomplish?

If I understand correctly you are looking at the part when the router acts as a server to you lan aren’t you? You are not looking as when the router acts as a client to the isp server correct?

If that is the case you have to provide the fixed ip from the router (association of the ip with mac) and then have the ip enter into each node using yast or ifconfig.

If you have many nodes is a lot of work. I wonder if there is no better solution for your problem.


I did consider allowing the router to allocate an address based on MAC, but I felt it better to statically set the IP using the server itself. Prob both would work, but I need static locally as I want to forward external http traffic to this server which is running Apache (which I will do at router level).

I’ve configured my router allocate addresses from .2 to .121 (.1 being the router, .250 being a file server, and .251 being the web server).

Strangely I’ve managed to assign static on the file server using an identical process - well I thought it was identical but it can’t have been seeing as the IP is still being allocated from the DHCP router pool.

To the earlier post, that’s exactly what I did, but the IP stubbonly resists being set any other way than DHCP. I would attach the screen shots but my (new) member login seems to prevent this :frowning:

actually, try these links to view the images…

Make sure you are using the ifup method and not NetworkManager to get an address.

I posted what I consider the most detailed description to setup a static IP address…

Configuring a static IP address


Thanks to all who responded - it looks like all my settings were correct, but switching to ifup was the action that seemed to overcome the problem. I now have the static address I need to move on to the next challenge.

I assume Network Manager is deemed to be not the most reliable of tools to use?!

NetworkManager and ifup are mutually exclusive. NM is the appropriate setting when you have a mobile computer, or one that will change addresses and interfaces on the fly, whereas if you have a static address, you should use ifup. Also note that NM doesn’t start until you login on the GUI so it’s not appropriate for a server.