Setting Default Apps

There just has to be some place, in KDE 4, to set which application is the default for various files. Example: I want xine to open with a .m3u file. I want Opera to open when I click a link in an email in Evolution.

Are these setting all in one place? Or, are they in individual config files? I just can’t seem to find what I want. Sure will appreciate any help.

This is a new installation of 11.2. I sure miss 10.3!

I change file type associations by navigating to a file of the required type using Dolphin. Then right click the file and choose Open with > Other… then select the application from the list. Before clicking Ok, select Remember application association for this type of file.

There is more than likely a better way to edit file associations, but I haven’t found it as yet… Linux newbie.

Hope this is of help

Personal Settings > Personal > Default Applications.

Cheers Günter…

found it under System Settings > Advanced tab > File Associations on 11.2.

Many thanks

Thanks! Both suggestions worked for various files. I still have the problem of clicking on a link in an email message (evolution)and having Firefox come up. Under system settings, there are tons of types that I have no idea what they are. I really hate to just start mucking around blindly.

Firefox is simply not working! I like Opera but would like to leave Firefox on my system so it will be updated whenever that happens.


The browser used when you click on URLs in email messages is usually configured in the email client (as indeed is the email client used for messages sent from a browser). They’re not system-wide settings, although most programs will have an option to use the “system default”.