Set Up Printer Sever/Sharing from OpenSUSE 11.4 to Windows

Hi there,

I’ve recently bought a nice little HP LaserJet 1200, which was easy to configure and setup locally. However I wish to share the printer throughout the house with up to three/four Windoze machines.

I think it would be best to set this up perhaps using IPP rather than Samba, as I can’t seem to get any of the Windows machines in the house to see my SUSE Box, shame really, seeing as it’s superior ha ha :slight_smile:

Any help/or experience with sharing a printer successfully and easily over IPP or SMB would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:




I am not an expert, but I you absolutely need to setup samba to do this sharing with windoze machines.

Hi Daax,

I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen others do this, in fact the option is listed under the add a printer dialog in Windoze.

However, SMB would be fine, but it appears that this would be even harder, as I have always had trouble getting my Linux machines talking to lowly Windows boxes of the house, perhaps I should concentrate on getting this going under samba, would probably be for the better.

Any help you could give with SMB networking as well as printing Daax?

Sorry, it is out of my knowledge. never setup and never used samba and smb and I am using a network printer, so I don’t have those problems. :wink:

Well, well. Would you like at that. The Windoze 7 machine downstairs is now printing to my Printer on my SUSE box, via IPP. I thought it could be done, and with much fiddling of the CUPS conf file and trial and error it works a treat.

Now I have to get my mother’s infernal Windows Vista machine to do the same.