Set up for KVM/QEMU GPU passthrough IOMMU for AMD GPU needed

hello all, i use tumbleweed version of opensuse with AMD 5800x and AMD RX6800XT + AMD RX6500 + MB ASUS ROG STRIC B550-E GAMING.

I search a guide to use kvm/QEMU with GPU Pass-Through with AMD GPU.

I did set up yet the loading of the kernel module like kvm vfio etc… but i would like to have a example of te simplest XML configuration file for KVM/QEMU pass-through.

I did add pcie preripherical in KVM VM settings but i have a error message at the start : “domaine: internal error qemu unexpectedly”
or starting VM hanging “Creating domain…”

Does i have to remove from KVM VM settings some periphericals, like “Display Spice”, “Video Virtio/QXL” “Channel Spice” ?

Can you help me ?

Best Regards

Passthrough can be very hardware specific, so you have an extra monitor and keyboard attached to the card your wishing to use for passthrough? It doesn’t matter about the card in use, as long as vfio-pci works with it.

See Hardware choices for Passthrough with libvirt KVM and perhaps this Nvidia Multi GPU support possible?

This is what I used on my Intel Motherboard to setup passthrough… Running Windows 10 on Linux using KVM with VGA Passthrough - Heiko's Blog

RE, i don’t have extra mouse/keyboard/monitor specifically for the VM, i just have a extra GPU.

Well GPU passthrough with vfio-pci expects at least a connected monitor.

Have a look at this GitHub - BigAnteater/KVM-GPU-Passthrough: This is a simple, mostly automated guide to pass a GPU through to a VM. I would not run the scripts, just configure grub with the options listed via YaST bootloader.