set scrollbar width higher than 30


I’m going to port a Lazarus project (touchscreen based application) to Linux (OpenSuse 13.2)
and I need to know how to set the scrollbar width to (e.g.) higher than 30. I performed the
procedure as found in the web concerning KDE: System Settings → Application Appearance →
Style → Configure → Scrollbars…

The trouble is: the width-slider is limited to 30px.

Can someone give me the name and the location of the file that covers the given settings?
As I only know Linux basics I tried to create an »xorg.conf« and edit it. But did not succeed.
I don’t care whether I increase the slider limits or set the width directly. (overriding the limit)

I beg your pardon, but I’m only interested in a quick-and-dirty answer as on my 13.2 won’t
run sophisticated stuff, but only my little front end.


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Maybe someone can move this to the English Forum?

thanks a lot Sauerland…
got your second answer on a forum with the wish to move my question.
Maybe your third answer covers a solution of my problem?
cu next days…

Maybe your third answer covers a solution of my problem?

No, and this is the forth answer…

Hallo Sauerland,

you should write fourth instead of forth.
Proposal: I improve your english and you improve my Linux knowledge. :wink:


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Maybe you should improve your German and your English to a level where you can detect the difference between the two :wink:

…says the dutch guy? Marvelous!
I think you mean TELL the difference. But don’t care…
Proposal: I improve your english Henk. And you improve my Linux knowledge. :wink:

By the way: do you have an answer to my question concerning scrollbar width?

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