Set firewall zone in gnome

Hi, how can I set a firewall zone for a connection in Gnome (it uses network manager)? In KDE I can do this via the network settings for every saved connection, but there is no option in gnome’s settings.

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That is limitation of the GNOME Shell GUI. You can use nmcli, nmtui or install NetworkManager-connection-editor package and use nm-connection-editor if you prefer GUI.

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I had no idea this could be done from the network connection manager.
This is why I love reading these forums, people casually mention stuff that just blows my mind :exploding_head:

@arvidjaar I couldn’t find the firewall zone setting when editing connection from nmtui. I’m using Gnome btw, hope there’s some other place this could be setup from. Tagging @malcolmlewis as I think he uses Gnome!

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You are right, I was mistaken. So it is either nmcli or nm-connection-editor.

yeah, it’s actually a quite useful feature in KDE, specially when adding printers or using kdeconnect, because the default firewall zone is public which is very restrictive, so setting the zone to home, for example, to your actual connection, helps finding those services :slight_smile:

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@pavinjoseph I don’t use it a firewall around here on systems it’s taken care of by the router… I think you need to install firewall-applet (see man firewall-applet), I believe if firewalld is running it will appear in nm-connection-editor.

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Also nmcli connection show <tab> <tab> will show the connections, select the one your interested in as in type the connection name, there should be a entry, then can modify with nmcli connection modify <connection> public to set the zone.


Both the solutions worked perfectly. Thank you :blush:
I opted for the latter as having a systray extension in gnome wasn’t to my liking.

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