Services stop responding on High TTL

I have installed OpenSuse and I have a strange problem.

Whenever the Ping TTL is lower than 64, all the services respond fine. (httpd,sshd).
As soon as the Ping TTL goes =128, the services do not respond from the network anymore. I cannot sshd (connection refused), or connect to httpd.

Any one has had the same problem? It looks really strange issue!

Your mental model is wrong. TCP ports don’t respond to pings. Ping is not a TCP or UDP packet type. Ping is actually a ICMP packet. So the host address responds to pings or not, irrespective of what TCP or UDP services are running.

However if you mean that when you find that when the TTL is high you cannot contact the host, then it has nothing to do with ping but possibly general unreachability of the host.

Thank you for your reply ken_yap.
I thought ping was a method for reachability tests?!

and a TTL of 128 is not that high, it is just a border where these issues with connecting to services come up.

My question is: Is this an issue related to some configuration on the openSuSE? If yes, is there any advice what I should change?
I doubt it is a network issue, since both of the computers (the clients and the server) are on the same (school) LAN.

I don’t know enough about your network to suggest much. So you can ping the machine but you cannot reach the services? I would suggest forgetting about the TTL since on a LAN that shouldn’t be a problem and concentrating on why your services are unreachable.