Services fail at start

Through many reboots, I get an error message saying korganizer has closed unexpectedly. I rarely, if ever, use this since I use Google calendar and have a link on my desktop. I tried shutting it off altogether, but it would be nice to have it available. I have not been able to submit a bug report, presumably because I don’t have the right package installed. I would be happy to submit a report if it would help others… and stop annoying me with the error message!

I have a similar situation with baloo. It used to crash on every reboot. But it now happens only occasionally. It has begun recently again. When I checked the setup, I set it to reindex and watched as it was in a loop updating a few dozen files. I assume these service failures are related. How do I set this right?

Search for .config and .local among the hidden files the configuration files of the respective programs and delete them, logout> login and see if they work

HAH! Since baloo isn’t running, I can’t find these files! I’ll keep looking around until I come on them.