Selinux blocks, without warning, my games

Hi! I’ve been using TW for a while with apparmor, but I wanted to try selinux. But, as the title says, there’s a problem: apparently selinux blocks my games from starting. If I use permissive mode this does not happen, but if i check /var/log/messages then there’s no mention of any sealert or avc (there are a few “avc error” but they are related to non-relevant services). I have to mention also that I don’t run these games on steam (those that I run on steam have no problem); and it must depend on the game: older ones have no problems, such as New Vegas from GOG.
Thanks in advance

Edit: I’d try to solve it on my own, it’s just that there are no logs! Maybe you guys can point me out where I can look?

Check that you have the auditd daemon running, then try to run a game and post the output of sudo ausearch -m AVC,USER_AVC,SELINUX_ERR,USER_SELINUX_ERR -ts recent to check /var/log/audit/audit.log.
This will show denials in the last 10 minutes.

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