Select desktop kernel with install dvd?

Never thought much about it until now a but is it possible to get the desktop kernel at install with 11.3 DVD ? I always get default-kernel and have to do the kernel dance to get the desktop-kernel I prefer. I’m familiar with the multiversion = kernel-desktop and methods to retain different versions. Just wondering.

With the DVD install you can select/deselect every single package. On the summary page just before installing you can click on the blue headers to tweak virtually any part of the install. Click on the software header, and then click the “details” button in the bottom left corner. Just find and untick kernel-default, and select kernel-desktop. Be warned, this can be addicting.

I could have sworn those were blue. Is that shutter? I keep telling myself to start using it for help threads.

Come again?!

Sorry, kind of cryptic. I was asking if you had used shutter to make and annotate the screenshots you posted. I had been thinking of making screenshots like that for often repeated questions that are hard to explain.

ksnapshot and gimp

xvidcap for video I do

Thanks Gort (Sig). Now to bust up a clean install after fixing a stable system until it was broken. Ohh the humanity! Helllp…mee…uhhhhhh…I… can’t… stop…tick… untick…tick it back…untick…tick it back. Oh the humanity!

Thanks. Elegant reply as usual Caf. I have modified the install from the main list often. Just missed the little “details” button.