Seeing the home computer from outside.

There is a computer in a home running opensuse into which I would like to login.

As usual, the computer is connected wirelessly to the home’s router. I cannot control the router in order to direct incoming connections, say, on sshd port, to that computer.

Is there a way to log into that computer from outside?

The computer is fully under my control, as distinct from the home router. I know all relevant IP addresses. I can start any service on the computer, or start any command, or ask somebody to start a command while I am not at home.

Typically the router does NAT, so if you cannot control it to do port forwarding, you’re out of luck.

However if you have a server outside under your control, you can establish a persistent connection to that server, and set up a reverse ssh tunnel to your home computer. For this use the -R option:

homecomputer$ ssh -R 2200:localhost:22 remoteserver

On the remote sever you would do

remoteserver$ ssh -p 2200 localhost

and you’re connected to your home computer’s sshd.

The other option is to install something like teamviewer I use it for the MIL’s openSUSE 11.3 system. TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

Totally agree. The team viewer is very easy to use and free for non commercial usage.

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wow! Thats pretty neat ! I HAVE to try this sometime.

I cannot figure out how KRDC works and I cannot get into a windows system with my opnsuse on Remote Desktop Viewer. Hep would be appriciated. Also, my dad and I cannot figure out how to get VM to work. We ca gen into XEN but all that happens is that there is a black screen and if we open the manager, I gives us a small blue screen. EXPLANATION please???