securing the grub creates controversy

I have erncrypted the password for increased security, executed the command ‘grub-md5-crypt’ in a shell (as root). One will be asked for the password. After the password is entered, it will be displayed in encrypted form:
linux:~ # grub-md5-crypt

Password: Retype password:

$1$xmY1T/$wL6rbH2VC2L3ITFGivtytyeLq.I appended this string (’$1$xmY1T/$wL6rbH2VC2L3ITFGiveLq.’) to the global section of the file ‘/boot/grub/menu.lst’. The option that needs to be appended is ‘password --md5’. The section looked as follows:

gfxmenu (hd0,0)/message color white/green black/light-gray default 0 timeout 8 password --md5 $1$xmY1T/$wL6rbH2VC2L3ITFGiveLq.

This I did exactly as was written at openSUSE instructions for the grub (somewhere), but when logging in when I don’t press ‘p’ (to enter the password and boot) but I only long press Enter, I get booted, so why it is not getting activated? Means I should not be booted in since I have implemented the above but
still I am able to do while long pressing Enter.

Please elaborate this.