SDDM screen resolution

I’m not sure this should go here as I can login OK but I
have a cosmetic issue with SDDM. If a PC is connected to
a 1920x1080 monitor and a 1080x768 projector the SDDM
login screen on the monitor is too large. Once you are logged
in it gets everything right. Can I tell SDDM the screen
resolutions of both screens at that point - just so it looks
nice for users.



What is grub resolution set to. If auto maybe it is picking the wrong screen res.

Yast -boot loader

I don’t think you can set two configs, but you can add


in /etc/sddm.conf

In my case ( laptop with FHD screen ) it displays SDDM in exactly the scaling the desktop uses.



doesn’t seem to do anything

Going to YaST doesn’t offer me a high enough resolution for the monitor (1920x1080)
but it offers higher resolutions than the projector can cope with ??? Can I just type
in a value ? I thought I’d ask before trying it just in case



It offers VESA resolutions which AFAIK are fixed

Here’s what you get from typing from memory instead of copying. It should be


Have a look at

man sddm.conf

for more options.