Scroll speed problem

I have a AMD X810 Processor, 790GX chipset MoBo, Microsoft Wireless Wireless Optical Desktop 3000. Also I have dualboot Win7 and openSUSE 11.3. When I turn on my computer and boot openSUSE, scroll speed is very slow. After I restart and boot openSUSE, scroll speed remains slow, but, when I boot Win7 after restart, and then restart it again and boot openSUSE, scroll speed is fast (as it should be). After restarting and booting again openSUSE, scroll speed remains fast. After I turn of my computer, and then boot openSUSE, scroll speed is slow again. I hope you understand me. :slight_smile:
Turn on computer + openSUSE = scroll speed slow (every restart after and boot in openSUSE gives scroll speed slow)
Turn on or restart computer + Win7 + restart and boot in openSUSE = scroll speed fast (every restart after this procedure gives scroll speed fast)

How can I fix this problem?

Before openSUSE I had ubuntu 10.04 installed on my PC. After installing ubuntu 10.04 and installing updates and fglrx driver my keyboard and mouse stop working in ubuntu and in Win7. After I’ve plugged out and plugged in several times keyboard and mouse receiver, then it get works.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope You understand me.

If it’s concerning Firefox, you can take a look to this :
Scrool in Firefox is very slow with desktop effects enabled
deviantART: thenonhacker’s Journal: Fix Firefox 3 Choppy Scrolling Via UserContent.css

is it concerning Firefox or any other application also?

I’d like to know what the videocard is. Looks like this machine needs a driver.

It’s also concerning other programs, not only Firefox. I have integrated ATi 3200 graphic card. Before that I had ATi 4870 graphic card. Same problem remains with ATi 4870. With fglrx drivers I have a problem like is horisontal video tearing, and strange things with window borders (changing colours). With ati driver I only have a problem with vertical tearing. It happends when I’m scrolling web pages or pdf. But it’s not too annoying.