ScreenSaver - Pictures Slideshow


I would like to know the way to configure the screen saver to use my pictures with a slideshow. One way is with F-Spot but I would like to use the osther way with the default pictures folder.

I don-t know the way to configure the default folder for the pictures.


I suspect you might be using Gnome, in which case I’m not sure. In kde it’s really easy, right click desktop - desktop settings…

Create a folder called Pictures at location /home/your_username/Pictures. Put some pics in it. That’s it:)

The “Pictures folder” screensaver is quite limited – there are NO adjustments. A highly configurable slideshow screensaver in the list is GLslideshow. So a better option IMO is to configure GLslideshow to use the /home/your_username/Pictures folder and select GLslideshow as the screensaver.

The config of GLslideshow is found by running this command in a terminal window:


That brings up the screensaver config GUI for X. Locate the GLslideshow entry. Click the advanced tab. Put a tick in the “choose random image” spot. TYPE the address of your favourite Pics folder in the slot beside the Browse button.

Click the Display tab, try the Preview button. Try the Settings button too. It’s great.

OK, Thank you very much for your answers. I will try it.