Screen Tearing in KDE and during video playback

Hello all,

I finally broke down last night and installed OpenSuse 13.1 x64 - KDE. I used the dvd image from a usb drive to install, then I followed knurpht’s guide for nvidia drivers for my GTX670. I rebooted a couple times, everything looked great. I opened up the nvidia-settings as root, configured my display from ‘auto’ to 1920x1080 @ 60hz Then saved the xorg.conf in /etc/X11 and rebooted again.

From there I installed the codec packages for kde by following"caf4926’s" blog post. I am now able to open any of my videos (mp4, h.264/aac) just fine. I still don’t have the “preview thumbnails” but that’s an issue for another time.

The main issue I have now is with tearing (one half of the screen refreshes before the other leaving a visible “tear” in the output) This is very noticeable while watching videos with a lot of changing color and fast action. It makes them almost unwatchable. I have tried Kaffeine, smplayer and vlc. Trying every combination of outputs/acceleration VDPAU output has always worked the best in smplayer for me, but seem to make little to no difference which one I select.

The issue isn’t limited to just video playback. Currently, if I scroll up and down in this FireFox window, I can see tearing on the page. Likewise if I drag my windows around really fast.

From what I have read, turning OFF composting is not an option if you want smooth playback. I do remember having this issue with compiz many years back, but I could download the compiz tweak program and change it’s rendering to 60fps/60hz which smoothed everything out. After looking in the Desktop Effects section of the kde settings, I don’t see anything relating to speed of rendering or refresh rates. And yes, completely disabling desktop effects results in the same thing

And yes, I have tried explicitly turning on/off ‘Sync to VBlank’ in the nvidia-settings, with no positive results.

Does anyone have any Ideas?

I believe findings and results from this report should help, in particular this comment

Thank you, that was exactly what I needed. Everything looks great now.