Screen still visible when locked

I have been having an issue where my screen will still be visible when it is locked. It will be dimmed but you can still see my desktop and anything that is open. This somewhat defeats the purpose of locking the screen.

I am running 12.1 with KDE 4.7.2, Nvidia graphics with newest Nvidia driver installed. Let me know if you need any other info.

If I understand you correctly…You want the screen to turn off when you lock it?
I’m not sure there is a setting to make that happen.
Indirectly, there is a setting to switch the screen off, but not in direct correlation to locking the screen.

Not so much that I want the screen to turn off, but that i want it to be black at least. That is how it has always been before and on any other system I have used. I have had this problem since upgrading to 12.1 a while back, but it wasn’t very common. Now it seems it is happening very often, almost every time I lock the screen. I should also mention that it doesn’t appear to happen on my guest account. I sometimes have confidential information from work that I may be looking at and I would prefer that if I lock the screen it not allow the desktop to be shown.

I just checked on my machine and locking the screen, it goes black
12.2 kde 4.9.3

Which seems to indicate that something is messed up in the .kde4 settings

Actually I take it back, was just switching user from the guest account today and when I locked the screen it did the same thing. I also can’t seem to find any settings that would cause this to happen.