screen resolution problems

hi! I installed OpenSUSE 10.3. Unfortunately, at the last step of installation wizard (hardware config), i set my screen resolution to 1600x1200, but my screen (a 17" LCD, Nec AccuSync LCD72VM VGA on ATI Saphire Radeon 9550) supports only 1280x1024, so I get a black screen every time I log-in and I can’t change the resolution, now! Do I have to re-install SUSE now :eek: ? Or can I change the screen resolution by console using CTRL+ALT+F1 and doing a textual log-in? Please, help me!

select failsafe from the boot menu,once it gets to the login prompt,login as normal. once logged in, type su & press enter,then type root’s password & press enter. once the root prompt appears,type sax2 & press enter. from there you can set your resolution to what you want.once done,type reboot at the prompt & you should have a graphical login