Screen Goes Blank After Booting Up.

So I Installed OpenSUSE A Plethora Of Times. In Both 32 & 64 bit. But No Matter What After It Boots Up And Where I Should See Some Kind Of User Interface The Screen Is Blank. Now this Is The Point Where You restart The Computer And See Where You Went Wrong But Come to find Out My Power And restart Buttons Dont Respond So i Have To Pull the Battery Out Of My Laptop.

What video on the machine?

Try booting up your machine in runlevel 3 (text mode). When the grub boot menu appears, type ‘3’ then [Enter]. Do you make it to a text login?

BTW, you can shutdown from command prompt with

shutdown -h now

Post back with update.

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In case this is a graphic driver issue, you could read up on some practical graphic card theory: openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

Given we do not know what graphic card you are using, nor what graphic driver, not what openSUSE version, it is a bit difficult to be more specific.

I do not understand what you typed there. Are you saying the only way for you to shutdown your laptop at this point is to pull out the battery ?

What happens if you hold down the power on/off switch on your laptop for 10 seconds ?

Good luck to you with your efforts.

A further question … how much memory (RAM) does this PC have? Can you provide more specification details ?