Screen flicker/wobble/shaking/wiggling issue.


I’ve recently switched from Arch (tonight actually) with excitement to contribute openSUSE but I am now unable to use my laptop because of a kernel/X11 bug. I’ve checked official repos but unable to find older kernels even LTS ones, seems SUSE is keeping last 2 versions. I had this issue with my Arch installation as well and was able to solve it by downgrading kernel to 5.12.4 and older. Can anyone help me out there? It is impossible to run my computer like this.

Bug reports with the same issue:

I’ve a Skylake MSI Laptop with NVIDIA Optimus if it helps.
i7 6700HQ - HD530

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps openSUSE Leap 15.3 would be a better option for you?

Older TW kernels are available here.

I would like to stay on rolling.

Thanks for pointing out, will try it out!

Then you should keep rolling and stay up to date? Have you thought about an openSUSE bug report? openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

It’s actually not about SUSE or any other distribution, it’s Intel’s fault, I can’t expect or ask for SUSE devs/maintainers to fix this bug. They’ve carried this issue with 5.12 and 5.13 even 5.14 has this on Skylake architecture. Also without headers, can’t start X (as expected). I might switch to Leap until this bug is fixed.

From what I gather from reading past postings, here and on the mailing lists, there are TW users who hold back on kernel and driver updates, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some users set the mutiversion.kernel option in /etc/zypp.conf to keep specific kernels or more versions of kernels. I think I saw once posting from someone who was conservatively staying quite far back from the latest, so I presume that’s doable. I have quite often kept specific kernels around when faced with graphics driver issues, but I also tend to move up as soon as I can.

I think so too.
Maybe just lock what works so it will not be replace during zypper dup.