Screen flashes in suspend

I have a problem with the monitor suspend.

No matter what settings I used in KDE power management monitor section, my screen would shut off in around 10 mins. I was trying for 30.

I tried adding the suspend lines in xorg.conf but they have no effect.See this: Linux Desktop: Using DPMS to reduce your power-bill (Linux Reviews)

I discovered that xset -q revealed times for monitor suspend that were being used. I can control the monitor using xset. If I use xset dpms 1800 1800 1800, the monitor shuts off in 30 mins - no matter what I do in KDE.

I can live with that but when the monitor goes to “sleep” it continually flashes on “no connection” and then back off.

When the pc goes suspend to ram / disk (which works fine with KDE settings) the monitor comes back on saying no connection.

Does everyone have this problem? I really don’t understand the relationship between KDE power manager, dpms and xset settings. I assume xset and KDE use dpms to control the monitor? Maybe its my hardware?

I have 11.2 on my laptop as well (Gnome desktop) and all this works fine.