screen dims with certain apps

I have a gateway lt3103u. (the amd one)
when ever i start an mpeg wmv or any other type video the screen dims. At that point i have to use the fn + brightness to make it normal again.
dont get me wrong, when this happens i have NOT allowed it to time out and dim due to power management.
It does the same thing when i play full screen games in the arcade section. ( i assume this means they need glide)

this problem also happens when i first boot to the gui. the screen will be visibly reset to dim mode and must be turned up.

I have disabled the power management completly, and inside the power management gui app i can turn up and down the dim control.
and when the screen blanker starts from inactivity i can shake the mouse and it comes right back to normal.

therefore the problem only happens in games and with video.
please help its driving me nutz

there is another post with almost exactly the same symptoms, posted in
the last week…i just remember reading it but not where it is or the
subject line…but, i think you would do well to find that thread (use
the forums advanced search page:
and focus it on “find from a week ago” and “entire post” using terms like

display dims movies

you two may have discovered a bug…compare notes (hardware, DE, etc)
and submit it if needed:

ps: it sounds like a driver problem to me…


+1, can you tell us which video card you have, and whether you installed a proprietary driver for it?

i cant find that post. i only get my own posts even when i search more than a week.

as for the driver im running an ati radeon x1200
im using the stock kerne3l from the suse 11.2 live disk
i was really lucky cause every part of my hardware works correctly without a new kernel. the only exceptions are the dimming of the screen and the clock wont read in 12 hour. but thats for annother forum.
i suspect that its in the kernel though because it dims during boot. then if i raise the brightness it seems fine, but when the desktop loads it dims and must be reset again. in the older kernels where was something called a blanker module that acted similarly.

zlost1 wrote:
> i cant find that post. i only get my own posts even when i search more
> than a week.

maybe i dreamed it…or saw it in another forum, sorry.