Scim Japanese input stopped working in KWrite

A rather strange problem since everything used to work up till now …

All of a sudden, I can’t input Japanese characters in KWrite (although the input works in all other applications as far as I know). Does anyone have an idea what the cause might be, or what I should be looking at?

The point is not that I can’t see the characters (but e.g. gibberish instead), but that the characters that I type in the input bar are not transfered into KWrite upon commit.

I’m not sure if this is exactly related, but I used to be able to use scim throughout my system, in several different apps and even in plain text files. I didn’t update scim manually, but I may have accepted all system updates and something changed with scim, so that now scim will work in OpenOffice, firefox, and a couple of other apps, but it doesn’t work in vi (plain text files) or in kiten, for example.

Please let me know if you are aware of information about this or about possible solutions. Thanks.