I want to implement the following scenario on obs.


  1. I have a project hosted on an svn service (googlecode)
  2. The project builds with cmake.
  3. I generate .rpm and .deb packages via cmake

scenario – I want to setup a build project on obs

  1. Import and update the source files from the svn
  2. build the packages for the chosen distros.
  3. automate the process s.t. daily if there are changes in the svn the packages get regenerated.

Do you have any pointers for the implementation?



isn’t it already implemented? As far as I know the OBS has the ability for this.

hope this helps


  1. right now OBS doen’t allow the interaction with the Internet during the ‘build’ phase. It had been planned to implement the import of a sources (tar.gz, bz2) located in Internet into the OBS, but right now I can’t say how it works (I’m npt tracking this).
  2. not even an issue, it’s an option
  3. you’re welcome to adjust your ‘cron/crontab’+‘osc’ to trigger the required build as often as you wish… but the OBS has it’s own scheduler and it’s just a best practice not to press ‘build trigger’ too often. the best could be to look through the OBS API to get the list of events which could ‘trigger’ rebuild.

end of IMHO…

There is an ongoing project to enable OBS to check out code from CVS, SVN, etc. It was worked on during the Hackweek. But it does not completely automate the system because 1) there is no way to schedule it to run when the upstream code is updated atm and 2) it can’t figure out the version of the code it has just checked out and so cannot update the specfiles for you.
But you could probably knock up a script to work with a specific project using this as a base …