scanner & xsane work

I wanted to get my Visioneer XP200 scanner working. After reading postings, I ran across what seems to be too simple of an answer.

I went to scanners, when my scanner information came up, I went to other and then to test. I tested my scanner and when done, came up with the information about the scan and I clicked OK. The information then shown lead me to check out the udev/libsane.rules where it said that all the scanners where in GROUP=scanners. So, I went to users and created a scanner group. Both xsane and my scanner work. And they both work again after a shutdown.

Glad it was simple for you. It is true sane supports many scanners out of the box. Sometimes its a case of downloading and installing scanner drivers from the vendor (as with my Brother MFC-7820 and Epson CX5500 MFPs for example).

A good place to start with usb scanners is to plug the device in and issue this command

scanimage -L

This will show if any supported scanners are detected.

The command that you suggested did not give me any information>

Sometimes, it is necessary to invoke this command as root. There are permissions issues for some users with usb scanners. The other useful tool is


Yes but the solution I found does not need ROOT.

Yes, that makes sense. (Although it still takes root permissions to add users to various groups of course). The sane-backends package provides the 55-libsane.rules file, so it is a good place to look for supported scanners.

FWIW, I’m still running openSUSE 11.0, and the assigned group for scanners (via udev) is the ‘lp’ group. However, since my scanners were not supported, I needed to install drivers, which added custom udev rules like this:

Epson CX5500

SYSFS{idVendor}==“04b8”, SYSFS{idProduct}==“083f”, MODE=“664”, GROUP=“users”

So you can see, they asssigned the ‘users’ group instead.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: