Scanner which one ?

Hi Community,

I am looking into investing in a scanner. My question is (and I am not afraid to spend a few hundred € ) what high end Scanners have you had a good practical experience with ?


You may have a look at SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy which will give you a good idea about compatibility.
Personally I had a Canon 4200 (not compatible at all) and a 8600 (not compatible for the moment). My friends have Epson. Nearly all scanner they had where compatible and of good quality. However that where midrange scanner.
In your case I would go for material that is “fully supported” under SANE.
There are also commercial closed source drivers available for some of the models. You may google for this. Hope that helps somehow.

you might have a look here should help some in your decsion

Hardware - openSUSE

Epson scanners the gt7000 series will work well
canon canoscan n650u works well
and the HP officejet series also works well with suse
these are fully supported and also check the company websites o see if they support linux you might have to get third party downloads to make some of them work.