Scanner Mustek 1200 PRO; Opensuse 15.5 compatibility

I have the opportunity to buy a A4 Scanner Mustek 1200 PRO but after some reading, I am not certain it will work with Leap 15.5.
Does any of users here have experience with this device, any link or info.

Many thanks for your help

Not an openSUSE specific limitation - but down to the SANE driver availability/compatibility. I note that the vendor support does not mention Linux compatibility.

Based on this support thread, I’m not convinced that the sane-mustek support for the model you mentioned…

The SANE: Supported Devices page lists a number of Mustek models…not sure about the ‘A3 1200 Pro’ model specifically.

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Thanks deano-ferrari,
I had a lot of search and reading. Unfortunately I can’t find any working solution.
I’ll leave it.

Thanks for your help

Yes, I’d leave that particular model alone.

32-bit drivers: install 32-bit binaries with ‘patterns-base-32bit’ package.

This scanner: Compact A4 flatbed scanner

Thanks for your answer Svyatko,
Yes, this is the scanner
but sorry, I don’t understand. Do you mean this scanner is working in Opensuse 15 with the driver in the link you provide?
Did/do you have it working?
Could you be more explicit and tell me exactly what file and where to place them?

Hi Svyatko,
I have more info.
The device seen from Windows says

However, the seller has another buyer, I need to know the compatibility, could you answer my question above ?
Many thanks

I am back here as I didn’t get any answer.
Svyatko seems to be here very rarely. How could I contact him to kindly ask an answer?
Is there someone here who could help me?
I need to know if the provided driver above is working fine with the device.

Many thanks

His avatar and username are above. When you hover over them you get a pop-up that also shows a Message icon (envelope). This is the Personal Message (PM) facility of these forums.

But please try to keep the discussion here in the thread so that others scan benefit from it.

Thanks, I tried that but I got

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You may want to use the scanner in combination with the scanner application called Vuescan.

On the Vuescan website a number of Mustek 1200’s are mentioned as supported (

My experience with the program is that it supports a lot of scanners ‘out of the box’

Thanks u20380,
Unfortunately, I can’t find this scanner,


moreover VueScan doesn’t output .png file, mainly what I use.

Sorry for that. I have of course another type of user and can not see what a “normal” user sees. But I assumed that PM-ing is a feature for all.

Mustek A3 1200 Pro is a A3 CIS scanner, not A4.
Do you really need A3?
Colour quality of Mustek CIS scanners is mediocre.
Try to use Canon or Epson scanners. You can find them at a bargain prices, because old scanners don’t support Win 8/10/11. But they support Linux with SANE or proprietary drivers.

Thank you for the information.
I have a printer/scanner A4 but need an A3 scanner even though I tried to stitch 2 A3 pages; it’s working only for similar image patterns, and need to adjust a lot of parameters in the script. This is hard and time-consuming.

Thanks to you, I just learned what is CIS. My need is mainly B&W but sometimes I need some depth of field (thick documents) however if I can’t find CCD technology, I’ll buy one CIS.

BTW, you said

Is it by your own experience or by reading?
Do you know what Mustek references are CIS and CCD?
Could you explain in detail how you installed the driver? (I run Opensuse 15.5).
Many thanks, and keep in touch.

I had used Mustek CIS scanner.
ILL Mustek A3 scanners use CIS.
ILL A3 CCD scanners are expensive. A3 CCD scanner is a rare thing, don’t expect Linux support.
CCD or CMOS - which is better?
no Linux driver for Plustek?

Scanners can work with Windows in virtual machine on Linux:

Camera scanners:

You can use photo camera + tripod/stand.
Get pictures in raw format → Darktable or other stuff → result.
Leap 15.5 supports JPEG XL, AVIF, HEIF/HEIC.

I forgot to tell you that the scanner is for personal use, not pro. I had a look at your links but they are too much expensive.
I had a look at my local 2 main online second-hand websites. Mainly printers/scanners for sale but they are very voluminous. I know that some can’t scan without a working cartridge and I will have to check the scanner technology.

Reading the specifications, I found that my Brother printer/scanner DCP-7055 has a CIS technology.
For my use this quality is not bad at all, so I’ll go this way.
Did you try personally the driver you provided in your first post (post 4) ?
Could you let me know where to place the files ?

Many thanks


Wherever you want.