Sax issue

I am running an NVidia LE6100 GPU, OpenSuse11.1 and an ViewSonic VA2012wb monitor.
I installed the Nvidia driver tried to set the resolution to 1680x1050 on my system. I set the monitor to LCD 1680x1050 but when it went into test it only gave me a 1440 resolution and two black bars.
Any suggestions.

You can try the “nvidia-settings” program. You’ll have to be in a graphical desktop; open a terminal, “su” to become root, then enter “nvidia-settings.”

I haven’t had much luck with Sax on my 6100. At all.

In fact (hate to tell you this), but I had to drop 11.1 and roll back to 10.3 for now. I just couldn’t get it to work properly. :expressionless:

It is doing better but it still is stuck at 1440x1080.
This is really annoying since it works just fine under 10!

I never test sax2 after setting up the resolution. Try that?