save battery

i want to discuss here some battery saving options available for linux users ( i am a victim of battery problem both drainage and life)

so i came across


any good option will be appreciated


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Most of the settings are common sense. I find the battery life to be quite comparable under openSUSE and Windows. (In fact one of my laptop runs a bit longer under openSUSE).

Though that was not the case a few years ago, now my dual boot computer runs longer on openSUSE without me changing any of the default settings.

With the power management framework in KDE4 you can tweak almost everything down to every possible details. I find it very helpful in certain situations such as automatically disable kwin compositing when unplugged from AC.

With GNOME the situation is less flexible. But still one can tweak it to a certain extend. :slight_smile:

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common sense is above all;)
does any one has used powertop mentioned by author in link or distros like that

I have heard - which isn’t to say that it’s true - that compositing often saves power. Desktop effects obviously don’t, so if you’ve got a ‘fireworks and all’ setup, you want it disabled when you’re not plugged in.

But a compositing system in of itself, with all unnecessary effects turned off, means that windows placed overlapping each other don’t have to waste cycles being drawn to the screen. And sometimes they can use dedicated graphics hardware more efficiently than a more ‘utilitarian’ setup.

Best power maximising tips I know - and they admittedly aren’t Linux specific.

  1. Disable all unnecessary hardware. I have a webcam, and no intention of ever using it, so it’s off in the BIOS. Probably saves power directly, and definitely cuts down system resources if you aren’t loading drivers. Similarly, if you aren’t using an SD card reader, don’t leave an SD card in it.

  2. Unplug the battery! If you aren’t using the battery, don’t have it plugged in. It’s tedious at first, and no doubt impossible for many models. As a ballpark figure, I’ve heard it said that you should keep them at about 40% charge when they’re not in use. But the important thing is just to keep them away from the computer whenever possible; the one thing Li-ion batteries hate is heat - and your laptop is hot.

we cannot save battery by different OS only way is to keep contrast and brightness in average level, screen saver turn off etc