Samsung SSD - 250 GB 850 Firmware


The parts for my new pc have shipped, and I may have overlooked one thing.

The SSD drive, in this case the Samsung 250 EVO 850.

Does anyone know if it will work out the box, or will I need to update the firmware.
I do not have any windows partitions anywhere so if need be how will I update it?

Thanks for any help in advance!


Hi, currently writing from an older 840 EVO and I had to update the firmware at the time, but I currently see NO FW UPDATE for the newer SSD 850 EVO - 250 GB - 2,5" SATA III on the support site here
So I guess that your drive should work out of the box.

The drive clone software that comes with the Samsung 850 SSD will leave 10% of the drive capacity unused for over provisioning. If you are going to partition your SSD manually, you may want to “follow the leader” and leave some of the drive unused. (The Samsung drive cloning software only works on Windows. It does work, and the current version will proportionally size the Windows partitions to fit the SSD. If you plan to dual-boot, you can reduce the Win10 partition’s size using Win10’s Disc Management utility.)