Samsung ATIV Smart PC with openSUSE

I have used openSUSE on several desktops and laptops. But I am tired of using an Apple Ipad tablet.

My question is, if I could combine a tablet and a openSUSE PC, if I am buying a Samsung ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C-A01SE and installing openSUSE 12.3 ?

I will ask before I buy the Samsung Tablet PC, but I have read that openSUSE could be installed on Samsung Slate 7 PC and x86 Acer Iconia tablet.

(Link to danish shop: Samsung ATIV Smart PC 11.6 b )


Don’t do it:

Grafikkort model (GPU)        Intel SGX545    

That will leave you with a very poor graphics performance experience … its not an actual Intel gpu, but rather one they licensed from Imagination Technologies. The PowerVR chips are poorly supported under Linux.

Thanks for your advice

Do you know of any other x86 tablet or tablet PC, where openSuSE and KDE runs okay ?

Trying to find a tablet PC that can run openSUSE and KDE, I will ask the forum if you think this model will do it:

Acer Iconia W510 Intel Atom Z2760, 2 cores 1,5GHz, 2G DDR2 RAM, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650, 64G SSD

This is a link to a danish shop:
Acer Iconia 10.1 b


Sorry, I’m ignorant about this, so can’t give you any specific recommendations.

One thing I do know which might be of interest, and which is independent of openSUSE & KDE, is that “touch” input in xorg got a lot of attention in near recent months, so such experiences should be better going forward with xorg server 1.15 (due out around Christmas). Though I believe the fixes have also been backported to the xorg 1.14 line too, so (as well as being available to users of older releases, provided they upgrade their X environment), openSUSE 13.1 should contain all that OOTB when it is released next month.

Same problem as the last one – PowerVR graphics >:(

This is common for last generation Intel Atom based boards.

Seems like gpu drivers are the problem (maybe other problems comes also).
I am not sure I really understand the reason:

  • Shall the gpu driver be a Linux driver from the vendor? (Intel, nVidia, AMD)
  • Opensource driver don’t exist or not good enough for the quality on the small screen

I found this link to a test of 5 different Linux distributions on a Acer Iconia W500:
Install Linux on your x86 tablet: five distros to choose from | News | TechRadar

openSUSE did the test quit good, but the reason why it can run, is the AMD Radeon GMA 6250, which has a Linux gpu driver?


The graphics stack consists of several components, so its not “driver”, its “drivers”. The OSS stack for the PowerVR chips is elementary and lacks a 3D component. It provides a very basic and limited user experience. The prop. stack was highly buggy and I don’t believe has been maintained in eons. I doubt it would even build any more. (I could be wrong)

AMD Radeon GMA 6250
The authour makes a mistake, as there is no such part: GMA is an Intel name given to their GPU models found embedded in an Intel motherboard chipset. The Acer tablet uses an AMD C-50 APU – which is a CPU and GPU (Radeon HD6250) on the same chip.

which has a Linux gpu driver?
the OSS driver stack for that part is good. In particular, when a 3.11 kernel and above is used and you evoke its new power management support (not enabled by default yet).

Thanks Tyler_k. You are an expert :slight_smile:

i think I will wait a while and see what the future brings up.
I also asked on a danish Linux forum, and people meant that it was a little to early trying to use opensuse/KDE on a tablet.