SAMBA Troubles

Hello community.

I have been relentlessly trying to get SAMBA to work properly. Here is the situation:

I have followed a tutorial to the letter by swerdna.

Windows machines can see my shares, and find me on the network with no issue whatsoever.

However, my linux machine can see the Windows Machines, but nothing else. I open it, it perks for a second, but my display is empty. (Nautilus)

I know it isnt a sharing issue at all with my Windows machines because my friends Ubuntu laptop can see them with no issues.

I have confirmed all the firewall settings are correct.

How can I see the Windows shares?

Sorry guys I figured it out.

This is what I did incase someone else has the same issue.

It turned out it was a firewall problem.

I had “” in broadcast.

I changed it to “” and it worked.

Silly me.

That’s interesting, I usually use x.y.z.0/24. I must try your version. These IP masks are so hard to understand!