Samba - How to...??

After a HUGE amount of help from Caf4926, I now have a super fast and very healthy PC, and then help from the polite people from Linksys with my new router WRT54GL, I now have the following setup:

Wall connection to modem (for the entire apartment block) and then into the internet.

Linux-PC - OpenSuse 11.1 using KDE 4.2.4
Laptop - XP Pro
Printer - Xerox 8560MFP

I have now, as mentioned with all the help, a little home-office.

The router is plugged into the the wall-socket, the PC, laptop and printer are all plugged into the router (unless I am using the laptop on the balcony, the Caribbean evenings are very nice), and they all work well.

I would however like to get access to the laptop from my PC. I use the laptop when traveling here in the islands and would like to transfer data over to the PC when I get back.

I know it is possible using samba, which is installed on the PC. I don’t know how to enable/install/activate it, unfortunately. All I could find here were threads of people who were having problems with it.

Could someone please help me out with this.

Thank you.

check out swerdna’s tutorials, very good stuff there Linux HOWTOs and Tutorials: Suse Linux 10.0, 10.1 openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1 or the official samba pages The Official Samba 3.2.x HOWTO and Reference Guide


Thank you.