samba does not permit or connect opensuse share folder

Hello All!
How are you?

So, I am trying to connect a Opensuse share folder from other Linux and opensuse does not permit connect. Only Windows 10, 7 can connect and enter the share folder.
I did get other Linux (zorin base Ubuntu 18.04) and build samba server to test it. Its WORKS with all systems - win 10, 7, other linux flavor can connect and enter in the share folder.
Somebody can help about this?

I did verify firewall ports - but, if they were closed the windows system can not access it
samba installed
samba-client too and two services running
nmbd running

I do not understand!

Thank you for attention and help


Have you checked whether your other distro clients are trying to connect using SMBv1?
Today’s MSWindows and openSUSE are very strict about not allowing SMBv1 by default (It’s a prime vector for ransomware among othe problems).


As Tsu2 mentioned. Refer to the Samba 4.11 release notes concerning SMB1…