'Safely Remove' USB HDD?

Is there a good/simple way to do this?

OK - Under certain other OSs, the ‘safely remove’ option on usb devices will…

1/ On usb pen drive with a power/activity led, switch it off (trivial nicety, but reassuring).

2/ On usb HDDs, spin down the disk - seems more important. I don’t know if it really is but ‘pulling the plug’ on a spinning HD makes me nervous!

I have tried a number of linux distros recently and only ubuntu 10.04 with gnome seems to do the same. Most others (including openSUSE 11.2, kde 4.3.5 - which I have) only seem to unmount.

I have found a few discussions on this and this guy offers a (rather complicated) script - which I hesitate to try as I don’t understand it.

Comments would be appreciated.

If you think it useful, you could propose this in openFate.

You can use your openSUSE forum username / password when logging on to openFate.

I support oldcpu. The features you call seem to be not only nice, but even usefull.

But I protest against you saying: “only seem to unmount”. The umount (and the sync goinf with it) are very basic when you want your file system and files undammaged on the device and a clean /media directory. :wink: