s2disk - computer doesn't switch off

Hello, I’ve some trouble with my new 11.2 installation. When my computer is going down for hibernation (ram2disk) he safes the session corretly to the disk and the statusbar reaches 100%, but the computer and screen leaves on. Maybe some acpi troubles?

It is just that the computer won’t switch off so that I have to press the OnButton 3sec. When I start again the session is sucessfully restored.

Would be happy for any ideas.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If shutdown powers off correctly, but powersave -U (uses s2disk) doesn’t and it used to work in previous releases, then most likely you need to make a bug report. It might be interesting to see what “s2ram -n” says, and if the screen is turned off via DPMS when suspended that way.

There’s a update kernel available for testing in update/11.2-test repo, if you want something to try that might solve the issue.