Rusticl - OpenCL driver from Mesa 3D is available

Page: Rusticl — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library latest documentation
Certified OpenCL 3.0 support with image support, OpenCL 2.x - under development.
Available with X11:XOrg repo since Mesa 22.3.
Under development. Right now it supports Intel Iris & nouveau.
Support for radeonsi - in works (Mesa 23.x ?), support for r600 - in plans.

Not available for Leap 15.4:

Not available for Leap 15.5:

IMHO it is possible to compile Rusticl manually for Leap.

Where is the discussion of who needs or should want it, or why?

A very late bump, but what would this do, exactly? I installed it and added the following to my .bashrc:

export OCL_ICD_VENDORS=rusticl.icd
export RUSTICL_ENABLE=radeonsi

I couldn’t notice any performance increase or anything like that. Which applications benefit from this?

I would assume blender will benefit from this… :grinning:

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Those apps that can use OpenCL: Darktable for instance.

No, Blender drops OpenCL since 3.0.
Blender devs loves CUDA from Nvidia.