Running tidepool-uploader (snapd)

Have installed tidepool-uploader (diabetes insulin pump management software) following instructions from here

However, when I try to run tidepool-uploader I get the following error messages

tidepool-uploader:2481): Gtk-WARNING **: 17:01:23.882: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:3536:25: 'font-feature-settings' is not a valid property name Gtk-Message: 17:01:23.897: Failed to load module "colorreload-gtk-module" Gtk-Message: 17:01:23.897: Failed to load module "window-decorations-gtk-module" Crash logs can be found in: /run/user/1000/snap.tidepool-uploader/Uploader Crashes Last crash report: null Failed to generate minidump.Illegal instruction (core dumped)

This is on Tumbleweed 20221214 running plasma 5.26.4

I’m guessing there is some gtk stuff I need to install, but not sure what.

I’m not familiar with Snap applications/gnome, but, FWIW

Both “colorreload-gtk-module” and “window-decorations-gtk-module” are provided by: “kde-gtk-config5” (Daemon for GTK2 and GTK3 Applications Appearance Under KDE), which I’m fairly sure is installed by default.

yes, you are correct . . . and I do have that installed.
more head scratching to be done . . . .

Googling the first portion of your error message “Gtk-WARNING Theme parsing error: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name” returns several hits that suggest it’s a transient error on first run after installation of a snapd package; if one logs out / in then the application subsequently starts correctly.

Worth a try…

Thanks - yes’ I’d also come across this info before posting, but unfortunately, the issue persists across several reboots.

Hopefully a snap and/or tidepool user may come along…

You could try asking on the Snapcraft user forums: