Runlevel 3 - Customize

So I have a buddy who doesn’t beleive me about the whole “opensource” idea. Now I’m sure I can customize runlevel three ( change backround, change, " Have a lot of fun…" , etc.), and I think that would be a great way to start that…

Does anyone know which file I edit for that?

…Or even any other fancey way to show off???

thanks guys…


If he’s running a non-Linux/Unix system, go have fun doing something else while he’s fighting with malware etc.

To change the info edit /etc/motd (motd=message of the day).

You can customize the prompt and the secondary prompt olong with
colorization when you login. I use the following in my ~/.bashrc

RS="\\033[0m\]" # reset
HC="\\033[1m\]" # hicolor
UL="\\033[4m\]" # underline
INV="\\033[7m\]" # inverse background and foreground
FBLK="\\033[30m\]" # foreground black
FRED="\\033[31m\]" # foreground red
FGRN="\\033[32m\]" # foreground green
FYEL="\\033[33m\]" # foreground yellow
FBLE="\\033[34m\]" # foreground blue
FMAG="\\033[35m\]" # foreground magenta
FCYN="\\033[36m\]" # foreground cyan
FWHT="\\033[37m\]" # foreground white
BBLK="\\033[40m\]" # background black
BRED="\\033[41m\]" # background red
BGRN="\\033[42m\]" # background green
BYEL="\\033[43m\]" # background yellow
BBLE="\\033[44m\]" # background blue
BMAG="\\033[45m\]" # background magenta
BCYN="\\033[46m\]" # background cyan
BWHT="\\033[47m\]" # background white

PS1="$HC$FBLE$(ppwd \l)\u@\h:\w\$ $RS"

PS1 and PS2 variables are the prompts, use the codes to change the

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~./bashrc ; looks like I have a lot more homework to do becasue I have no clue what any of that means :-), but I will play with it.

Now, would you also edit ~/.bachrc to say, put a picutre in the backround??


HA! , thats funny becasue I actualy said something along the same lines to him ( he’s running Vista!) … Just doesn’t get it


No that’s done via gfxboot SDB:Gfxboot - openSUSE Wiki the themes
are down in /etc/bootsplash

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So how would I customize the actual boot menu, where you chose between the OS, and failsafe… running 11.3 now …


Grub’s menu.lst? (that’s in /boot/grub/)

I prefer to do it from Yast > System > Bootloader.

I’m very familiar with the menu.lst file, but see no place to change the backround of the boot menu screen (where you choose between 11.3 or failsafe), am i missing something???

-Cheers , thanks in advance