Run Android bank apps from my notebook

Is that possible if I use an Android emulator? If so which emulator should I install?

Most Android environments are broken far beyond recognition nowadays, as the kernel modules don‘t build on actual kernels.

But why do you want to use an Android app on your computer for banking? All banks support and use banking via browser. That‘s more stable and safe than an Android environment on a computer (additional there are no actual Android versions for your desktop/laptop. They are actually heavily outdated…)

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Not my two banks. One won’t let me use a browser to log in and the other gives me options that are not available when I use their web page, but are apparently available via their app.

Yes, one of my banks offers some operations only in mobile app.


If, in Germany and, your accounts are with a German bank, then, run the open source Java code from Olaf Willuhn – <>.

If, you’re somewhere else, use either GnuCash or, KMyMoney « “K” as in “KDE” … ».

  • All three applications support double-entry bookkeeping – maintaining multiple accounts with matching debit and credit entries …
    Double-entry bookkeeping on a pocket telephone?? – sporting – very sporting …

My personal view of using a pocket telephone to access my bank accounts is – DON’T

  • Yes, yes, I know, my bank is also “pushing” for personal banking by means of a piece of glass in your pocket …
    AFAICS, the bank and credit cards in my wallet are more secure than whatever executing on a pocket telephone …


Are you absolutely certain that, your banks don’t offer HBCI / FinTS access to your bank accounts?

  • Or, do they only offer such access or equivalent access for the commercial customers?

@ionmich FWIW I use qemu and run an older version of android, just for playing around with…

I have resisted buying a “smart” phone, using an old Nokia “stupid” phone without apps or GPS. I am old and forgetful and losing a phone can be disastrous as opposed to a notebook or desktop which is harder to forget at a restaurant. I have consulted a Windows expert about my question. He believes that Android apps are linked to having a GPS chip. I won’t know until I try it when I stop travelling and can risk a notebook crash.

I doubt it. They are small Mexican banks and I am in Greece, so it’s hard to find out. I will read about HBCI / FinTS and see if that’s a possibility. Thanks for the suggestion.

Glad to read that. People think I’m just stupid when I tell them the same thing.

I’ve done some searching – it seems that, the West European islands, and other countries, only offer Banking via the Internet for pocket telephones and Tablet (Android or Apple) Computers …

  • I’m shocked! – How on earth can small businesses handle their financial needs on a piece of glass carried in a pocket?

  • Perhaps I’m missing something …
    Or, direct access to the banks is only viable for larger businesses by means of expensive proprietary software …
    I admit that, I’m guessing here …

I have the same problem, tried VMs some years ago and got my account locked, now they don’t even allow rooted or custom android ROM access.


First, welcome to the openSUSE Forums.

Yes, currently, the banking community in general is attempting to hold on to their closed systems but, there’s hope on the horizon: <>.

  • And yes, the European “Single European Payments Area” (SEPA) is helping to force the Open Banking issue, at least here in Europe.
    And, here in Germany, most of the Banks serving German citizens offer FinTS access to their customers accounts: <>.
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