run android .apk on opensuse

Is that possible that someday we can use android apk files in opensuse like ubuntu tries to do?
that’s a nice feature to opensuse

A three year old article (April 2009), seems it hasn’t gained any

There are android sdk’s now, eclipse plugins, qemu to run
android x86 images etc. I wonder if it’s worth the effort.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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First time i see it. I have been thinking why it’s not possibly now especially when the code(Android) are back in the Linux kernel again. Or I’m i wrong(I don’t have 100% knowledge)?

On the other side, yesterday AMD and BlueStack … For win7&8. They already announced for Mac. Some people seems to think that is worth the effort. If I would use the possibility to run Android apps in opensuse? Well maybe. Strange that it exist solutions for Win&Mac but not for… :wink:

On 09/28/2012 11:16 AM, jonte1 wrote:
> Strange that it exist solutions for
> Win&Mac but not for…:wink:

running Android apps in Win and Mac is a step UP from what they have
usually (in terms of stability and security)…

not so here…well, maybe you can mention an Android app which openSUSE
does not already have something similar (or better)?

i don’t have perfect knowledge of droid apps…but, i guess most try to
mimic win/mac (which i don’t find as a plus–the ones on my droid 4 are
pretty ‘clunky’)


“angry birds”, Svenska tidningar(alias Swedish newspappers), Fing(is a joke on Linux compared), Software to control Dreamboxes(have more func there then the web-interface in browser). Native Spotify. It can be a long list.
I did not write that I was going to use it. Other people seems to think that it’s a god idea and I’m think they are right.

On 09/28/2012 04:56 PM, jonte1 wrote:
> think they are right.

if you want to run them: if i understand what Malcolm wrote you can
run them already, once you install the environment to run them in…


Run them? Prepared packages is existing for Win 7&8 and Mac.

Attach a picture from 12.2 software manager: No.

Attach a picture from … No.

“Refuse to use something that I have to give a away URL.”. No i don’t any services om the net.

Adam B. has as tutorial… From July 19, 2010

I would manage. The majority will not. Well if I don’t misremember there where stated that(opensuse strategy)… The platform will never be growing during…

My personal thoughts. I hope that you have a nice evening down there in the southern neighbor country( :slight_smile: ).

On 09/28/2012 07:36 PM, jonte1 wrote:
> Prepared packages is existing for Win 7&8 and Mac.

truth is i’ve not (yet) run into a droid app which i need on my openSUSE
(those i have seen on my Nexus-like pad work just fine there…but i
don’t have a need to run them elsewhere)…so i can’t at this time join
your pressure to make apk easy to run…

all of which does NOT mean that you should feel the same way!!

so, i’m not saying you are wrong to want to run droid .apks on your
openSUSE…no, not that but: i don’t see a great number of folks wishing
for that ability…so, i won’t expect it to just happen because one
person asks…

which is not to say it can’t happen! and, you can get the ball
rolling–suggest you request that new feature be added to openSUSE!!

but, this forum is not place to do, instead the community has a special
place to request new features, in FATE <>

there is where you can gather the groundswell of others clamoring for
new capability-- which is the kind of user support which might persuade
the openSUSE community/developers to build in native, out of the box apk

but, fact is since it is already possible for you to add that support to
you system, all you actually asking for is for apk to run easily!

it seems that you can purchase a Mac or Win and buy that ease NOW, while
waiting for the already too busy developers to build easy into your
openSUSE–so while waiting for FATE to run its course, these are your
choices now:

  1. Pay for ease, or
  2. Use the no cost environment (which takes some installation unease)

from the southern tropics: Vidunderlig weekend til dig!!


I was under the impression that you could purchase such applications through the Google Play store and run them through Chrome. I know I’ve seen people playing angrybirds that way (although why they don’t just go play smashthecastle rather than that knockoff I don’t know), but I haven’t actually bothered to investigate this since I don’t use android other than for developing on so I don’t know if that’s restricted to certain apps or not.

You’re greatly mistaken. Android has forked so far off on its own nobody thinks that Android can ever merge with the mainline kernel. Among other things Google made substantial changes to I/O scheduling to enhance performance on low resource, limited performing hardware. The changes Google insisted were critical for mobile performance were rejected by the mainline kernel maintainers, they also with good reason.

So although a large part of the kernel is common the differences are substantial.

Also, Android implements Dalvik as the base application instuctionset which does not exist in mainline Linux.

It all adds up to enormous obstacles with no real benefit. If there is some app that runs on Android you’d like to see on mainline Linux, it’s probably better to just rewrite and compile.